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This is a double first for me. It is both the first time I have blogged from my phone, and my first time blogging while overnighting in a tent. I never saw the need before (and I probably still don't to be perfectly honest, but I did say I would do this every day...ish). I'm not at a festival, or on an important scientific expedition, in fact I'm right outside my house. I don't usually sleep outside the house instead of inside (intentionally), but I'm having a traditional camp out with 6 year old Ryan tonight. Traditional in the sense that there is a tent. The lack of WiFi is probably the greatest hardship we have suffered (must get that other modem out..), and the movie was great. Movie? When I was a kid we couldn't watch a movie in a tent when we were camping. We got to shine a torch a the roof (or the wall...your choice), and if you were lucky there was a ghost story, and maybe even a song about farts. But there were no movies, and if you'd told your mother you'd woken up and found your Dad blogging she would have probably have thrown him out of the house for good...

A rather peaceful end to the day, which saw a little headway made on dubbing out a bit of material for this weekend. Last time out with Irie Ireland I had just picked up a Traktor Kontrol F1, and with very little time to mess around with it I just loaded it up with a few samples. This time however there are two F1s, and we'll work a live dub in somewhere in the set if it fits. I'm loving the simplicity of Traktor's remix decks and F1s together. I'd like the luxury of a few days on Ableton making loops and samples, and I still don't have the dub siren running off the F1 yet, but soon come...

Dirty Dubsters are also running live testing this Saturday night at The Bernard Shaw, playing The Beatyard session before they head to Boomtown for two full live shows. It's a freebie so go check them out as I'm told they've a few new rockets in their arsenal. Info on the event HERE! On the left you can see people queueing to even get a look in at the boys through the window ;) Arrive early.

In other news, details are starting to emerge about another Cork weekender on the cards...a bit broader in musical terms, but in equally good taste. Check out Scandal Rankin' on as it comes.

I'm now starting to go cross-eyed typing on this little screen, so I think it's time to sign off and get some sleep before dawn chorus...


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