Happy Halloween Bootleggers!

Happy Halloween you shower of evil deviants!

Been busy in the Front Of House & Production departmments, along with last weekend's Rub-A-Dublin reggae-fest (which was savage...big up to all the Dublin Crew, and of course to David Rodigan! Man a legend!). In the midst of the running around on production duties Myself and Aunty Shimmy jammed out a really fun set of reggae past present and future...Big ups gotta go to the Irish Moss boys and to the Beatyard Crew for putting together a beast of a show!

In contrast to the unbridled madness and vibes of Sunday I found myself out on a show yesterday with EQ Audio & Events in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham for the Gala Dinner conclusion of the International Air Transport Association conference in Dublin. A VERY corporate affair in the stunning location of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The main act were vocal group Anuna (remember Riverdance), and I gotta say they were spectacular...I could go on about vocal textures and arrangements and fuck up me street cred so I won't ;P  Great location though...

Ran straight from there to Doyles where I had to "DJ" all night with a mouse pad. Planned to travel light due to the earlier gig, and use a Kontrol X1 along with the Z1 I picked up last week. Have to say the Z1 performed really well, but the X1 shit the bed so I had no way of controlling transport and FX etc. Interesting gig all the same.

Tonight I'm in the basement at Sweeneys, which'll be right back to the insanity of the underground scene, so been pulling together a few Halloween tracks together for BGP which I thought you might downloads, and their freshness will last til next year I'm assured...enjoy!



Mo'Matic Autumn DJ Mix

Easy Massive!

Having just finished his latest collaboration with Johnny Pluse (The "Spread Out" EP, which drops on Juno on 21.10), Mo'Matic is still blazin' with this wikid reggae-vibes ting which'll have ya skankin' in the fallen leaves like winter's never coming...Rootsmen, Junglists and Neo-Raggabass Warriors alike should all dig this, with cuts in from Dreadsquad, General Levy, Serocee, Congo Natty and Dirty Dubsters. Check it out, download it if you want, and if you like what you're hearing show some LOVE!



Rub-A-Dublin Update

News just in...

More info on the Rub-A-Dublin fest...



17 October 2013 at 15:28

STAGE ROOM: Hosted by Kwasi

Jigzsaw 7:30pm
DAVID RODIGAN: 9pm (EARLY SHOW:  'History of Reggae Set')
Songs of Freedom: (A Tribute to Bob Marley & The Wailers) 11pm
Dub Investigation: 12:30am
Dirty Dubsters & MC Kwasi 1:30am

5PM: ''The harder They Come'(Jimmy Cliff, 1972)
7 PM: ''Rockers'' (1978)

RAM'S RECORD BOX - Powered by inDub Records.
 4-8pm Cafe / 8-close in the Box Rm.

Irie Ireland Crew with Crazy D & Lex Woo 8 - Close.
Smoking Loft Hosted by Junior Spesh Feat. Firehouse Skank. 5pm - Close.

7-8PM 10Euro / 8Members.
8PM onwards: 15Euro / 12Members.



R-R-R-Reggae time again Massive!

A big treat coming to you this "skank-holiday Sunday," with the Rub-A-Dublin reggae festival, a day long event at Dublin's Twisted Pepper.

Appearing on our calenders for the first time this year, the Rub-A-Dublin bash is a collaboration between reggae label Irish Moss Records, MUD,  and Beatyard, bringing together some of Dublin's finest artists and crews to showcase the city's home grown vibe, along with a very special appearance by the Dubplate King, David "Ram Jam" Rodigan.

The Twisted Pepper will be getting a dressing up from Trenchtown's creative team, setting up the vibe that will see the venue transformed for the day to include features like the underground Jamaican cinema, Ram's Record Box (a pop up version of record & reggae shop In-Dub) and three areas of music.

We at Irie Ireland will curate the bar area (with DJ sets from Lex Woo, Crazy D, Worries Outernational, D-Fens and more), while right up top, T.P. regulars Junior Spesh will be rocking it out all day and playing host to local legends Firehouse Skank.

In the live room you can catch performances from Jigzsaw (Irish Alliance), Dub Investigation, Songs Of Freedom (A Tribute To Bob Marley & The Wailers), and an EXTRA-SPECIAL live show from Dirty Dubsters! This is where you'll also catch star turn Sir David Rodigan as he brings his "History Of Reggae" to Dublin, a not-to-be-missed experience.

There'll be Caribbean food and special cocktails to sustain you through this memorable day, so don't be afraid to get down early and catch a movie before the madness kicks in.

Tickets for the day will set you back €12/€15 and are available via the Bodytonic Website.

Don't forget, this event is strictly 18 & Over...

**Update : Link to stage times HERE ***



Free Spread!

Easy All!

Time to drop another Johnny Pluse number on ya! Yes Johnny has teamed up again with Mo-Matic (who you may remember from the killer remix of "Start Movin'" on the "Book Of Lies - Remixed", or more recently appearing on the crack remix squad which tackled the Irish Moss release of Gardna/Parly B's "Big Bad Sound".

The new E.P. from the pair, "Spread Out" is due for release on Bulabeats Records via Juno the 21st of October, and features a big acid-skanker remix of the title track by Dirty Dubsters. To wind y'all up to it the boyz have dropped this freebie on the world. It's the VIP remix of the flipside tune "Duppy Dub"...Amen to that Bredren! ;)



Resurrection mix-up

Yes to celebrate my resurrection here's a brand new mix! I'm back...and I'm breaking my blog silence! I've been running around avoiding this and a million other things for the last few weeks, but life is returning to something approaching normality now :-D

Enjoy the mix and I'll catch up with you all afterwards.

Love & Bless