Double Trouble...

Double trouble tonight with sets at The Bernard Shaw and Pacino's. First up the Irish Moss Records Crew will be turning up the heat with special guest Mowty Mahlyka (aka Dark Angel). Free admission and early doors as usual at the Shaw (...SEE EVENT INFO HERE...)

A quick trip from Portobello to Suffolk Street to join DJ Pipes of The Boneyard Junkies for what should be plenty of fun taking it from vintage to future digital in a journey from bluebeat to breakbeat. Afterparty vibes should flow at this one, which will kick til very late in the night....ADMISSION IS FREE, but the doors shut at 2am, so be on the correct side of them when they do! ;) More info and details HERE



Green Energy!

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th March 2014

A late call up here, with The Energy Collective turning their Saturday night clubnight into a two day take-over at Fibber Magees basement for their "Paddy's Day Weekend Burn Out".  The extension to a two day event is not unusual for The Energy Collective Crew, and it's always proven a massive success.

You'll be able to catch me on the main room stage at 11pm Sunday night, when I'll be dropping some breaks and party numbers. Looks like a hell of a loada fun! Go check out the Facebook Event Page, and post your "Hell Yeah"s on the wall.

I've knocked up a quick mini-mix, which has a little old school piano flave going on, specially for the occasion, hope you enjoy...



March March March

March March March...and it does seem to be doing so, as the projects build up for the year. There's plenty of festival fun to be had this Summer, currently under wraps but underway.  Also plenty in the pot with Irish Moss Records and the launch of Capitol 1212's debut album "The Return Of Rudy Nacho", plus the run in to Rub-A-Dublin II starting this month. That's gonna be huge...Trojan Soundsystem, General Levey, and the aforementioned Capitol 1212 are all flying in for this Easter Sunday bash at Twisted Pepper, Dublin. If I wasn't a fully grown adult I wouldn't be able to contain myself with the excitement. But I'm dancing inside, trust me...

Had a really nice weekend, during which I was able to capture these clips... I was on sound for a really nice Con Artist production, which featured cellist Julia Kent (Antony And The Johnsons /Rasputina/Fovia Hex...possibly many more). I'm not aware of what either of these pieces are called, but in the vid you can take a look at how she uses loop tech (a midi controller played with her toe(s?) controlling a loop/sampler type Ableton plug-in) to build huge emotive swells of music with tons of effects and her carbon fibre bodied instrument...which is apparently regularly lost by airlines, but never on show days, which is a good rule to live by. I also recorded Julia's encore from the FOH desk, so I've dropped that audio straight underneath the video...go explore :)

That was a nice conrast after Saturday's Energy Collective session with Irish Moss, which was an insane party. Like the new early beer garden vibe I gotta say, and really enjoyed playing the set out there... The main room was crazy, with Ancient Alien and Dirty Dubsters absolutely killing it! Time to start working on the next couple of dates there I think...

This month there are a couple of gigs to check out...Dark Angel hits Dublin on March 21st for the Irish Moss Records Session at The Bernard Shaw. Due to release a couple of things on the label this year, you'll probably be seeing more of him about... ;) It's an early show, with doors at 8pm, and as always with The Bernard Shaw, there's NO GATE PRESSURE! Here's the Facebook Event Page where you'll get all the details.

Straight out of that it's on to Pacino's where I'll be joining DJ Pipes of The Boneyard Junkies for e session of everything from bluebeat ska classics to bouncing bass vibes. I would guess, with this also a FREE GIG, there should be a good crowd down from the earlier show to wind out the night! Pipes, the ledge that he is, went and put the event page together HERE. Pacino's has a good vibe and there's a club running in the cellar that night too called "Lean Forward" for which there's an event page HERE.

Sat 29th has me revisiting new/old territory with a night at Dive Bar, which is an newly annexed and revamped section of The Turk's Head...It's got an air of craziness about it, with an old games console in the corner, graff jobs on the walls and an eclectic mix of party vibes. The Bionic Rats hold a Friday night residency, with Derek stepping off the mic and behind the decks for the warm up, and with The Real Reggae Boys & guest djs on the late set. I'll be DJing 10:30 til late and there's no cover charge. Hopefully catch some of you there. ;)



Wear Your Neutrality

I'm not known for writing about fashion, but here's a really nice line of clothing for those of us with a little bit of hippie in our hearts, and one that you can feel good wearing. This new line of climate neutral t-shirts from Ikkibu are all individually hand designed by Katie Osborne, and are available from the Ikkibu online shop HERE.

Though Katie does have a background in fashion retail, design is a relatively new venture for her and says "The idea to start Ikkibu came from a year of personal change and from that I really wanted to combine my love of drawing (which I always kept quite hidden from others) with a new passion, to spread positivity and a conscious message to the world. Also the way mainstream fashion has exploded into this obsession with everything being the same, super fitted and particularly for the ladies (but oddly enough not exclusively) really trampy! I'm sick of seeing the same clothes everywhere, people walking around looking like mannequins and little boybands! People are taking it all too seriously,focusing on "fashion" and "trends" instead of wearing whats comfortable and really what you want. So I thought i'd have a go at putting some fun back into dressing!"

Roots & Ancient Culture might describe the designs best, with a mixture of art from past civilisations meeting roots rastfari and soundsystem culture references, and when asked about the references Katie tells us "'ll notice a lot of the inspiration comes from ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Egyptians and the Sumerians. Ikkibu is actually the Sumerian word for "forbidden" and seeing as they invented the first written language I thought it only fitting to have my logo as cuneiform too! You'll find it on the back of all the Ikkibu t-shirts."

I like cottage industry, environmentally responsible production...and it's also nice to find affordable, wearable "art" like this...big thanks to Katie for this bespoke irie design!


PS.Don't forget to visit the IKKIBU ONLINE STORE


March 1st ...The Energy Collective with Irish Moss Records (+ live set)

Easy all!

Back with some news before the weekend. Gonna be heading back to Fibber Magees on Saturday with the Irish Moss Records Crew, which for the night will consist of myself, Ancient Alien  and in full live style, Dirty Dubsters. Last time was lots of fun and we've been looking forward to this since the time curtain dropped in November. Great crowd, and great venue. A ton of work goes into pimping the place out, and I'm looking forward to the earlier kick off, with yours truly warming up the crowd in the beergarden...

Got my hands on the audio recorded at front of house that last night, so here it is, for all the Energy Collective Crew! Keep an eye on the Irish Moss Records Blog for more info and hype pre event!

Check out the Facebook Event Page


Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter


Bass Fonk Business

Less than two weeks to go to the launch of Bass Fonk, so I reckoned I should throw out a little mix to give you a taste of the styles that'll be going down.
I was in the mid-tempo mood and it all starts rather sweetly with the FREE TUNE you can pick up via my Soundcloud Page, before it kicks in with some heavily funkified and smashed up hip-hop jams, showing you that this club is gonna be all about big breakbeats, fat-ass bass, and songs you can romp and stomp to.
Here's the tracklisting, hope you enjoy!

1. Carlos Irie ft Deady - Lovely Day
2. BadboE & Prosper - If You Want My Love
3. Paula Perry - Paula's Jam (DJ Dub:ra Beef Up)
4. The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (Qdup's Future Go-Go Edit)
5. Spenda C ft Zuri Akoko - Another World (Athson Remix)
6. Labrat & Jamburglar - Involution
7. Kelis - Milkshake (Kid Kasino Remix)
8. Turntablerockers - A Little Funk (Aligbe Remix)
9. Phibes - Tik Tok Ya Don't Stop
10. Sol Brothers - That Elvis Track (Herbgrinder Remix)

Irish Moss Records Blog (Dirty Dubsters New Single Out Now)

Latest From Irish Moss Records

Dirty Dubsters ft. Turbulence "When The Road Calls" Remix E.P. on release at Juno. Player and links to sales page in the IMR BLOG



Irish Moss Blog Article

Hi all, here's a repost of today's article for Irish Moss Records. There's news on the month's release schedule, a huge vinyl sale, news from Rub-A-Dublin, plus two FREE tracks from Dirty Dubsters. Enjoy!