Wear Your Neutrality

I'm not known for writing about fashion, but here's a really nice line of clothing for those of us with a little bit of hippie in our hearts, and one that you can feel good wearing. This new line of climate neutral t-shirts from Ikkibu are all individually hand designed by Katie Osborne, and are available from the Ikkibu online shop HERE.

Though Katie does have a background in fashion retail, design is a relatively new venture for her and says "The idea to start Ikkibu came from a year of personal change and from that I really wanted to combine my love of drawing (which I always kept quite hidden from others) with a new passion, to spread positivity and a conscious message to the world. Also the way mainstream fashion has exploded into this obsession with everything being the same, super fitted and particularly for the ladies (but oddly enough not exclusively) really trampy! I'm sick of seeing the same clothes everywhere, people walking around looking like mannequins and little boybands! People are taking it all too seriously,focusing on "fashion" and "trends" instead of wearing whats comfortable and really what you want. So I thought i'd have a go at putting some fun back into dressing!"

Roots & Ancient Culture might describe the designs best, with a mixture of art from past civilisations meeting roots rastfari and soundsystem culture references, and when asked about the references Katie tells us "'ll notice a lot of the inspiration comes from ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Egyptians and the Sumerians. Ikkibu is actually the Sumerian word for "forbidden" and seeing as they invented the first written language I thought it only fitting to have my logo as cuneiform too! You'll find it on the back of all the Ikkibu t-shirts."

I like cottage industry, environmentally responsible production...and it's also nice to find affordable, wearable "art" like this...big thanks to Katie for this bespoke irie design!


PS.Don't forget to visit the IKKIBU ONLINE STORE

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