Stage goes up at Trenchtown, Electric Picnic - Production Blog

Wall and Stage construction. Photo - Doc
The stage is up people! This will be where you can catch most of the live action at Trenchtown over the weekend. As you can see from the pic work is well under way, and the walls are about to go up around the Yard, all the better to build the heat and fyah inside...

Megahertz Audio will be the PA supplier for 2013, with lighting also from Megahertz and from LiteFX, who are the ambient lighting guys for the Trenchtown area, and no strangers to the woods at E.P.

Across The Yard...View from stage position. Photo - BigShow

Check back for more on the Trenchtown build as it happens, and words from the artists as they send their shout outs to the Electric Picnic Massive!!


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