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MC Ras Tinny says "link"...

Fronting up on the mic for Alpha Steppa at the Fort Stage soundclash at Outlook Festival, Croatia, on Thursday night is quite a warm up for Ras Tinny! He'll be jumping into a car straight from stage and making a four hour dash to Venice, Italy to catch a plane back to Ireland where the Surinamese MC is set to appear on Trenchtown's Yard stage with Dub Investigation. This giant of the local scene is starting to stretch his considerably long legs and make some outernational moves, with a UNOD 2014 appearance on the cards. On Saturday night you'll catch Tinny again at The Yard with World Bass Culture's ManG Killamanselecter, and I'm sure countless other times, including with the bredren at Revelation Sound. Busiest man around right I've said, he'll be hitting the stage first as part of the D. I. Crew, so here's an introduction to Dub Investigation, for those not already acquainted with...

Incidentally, I ran into both Lariman and D-Snipe around da town on Monday, and they're hyped about this's gonna be one SERIOUS weekender!! :-)


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